Domain owners email addresses, name and other whois informationAtomic Whois Database, a collection of more than 15 million domain names given together with registrants contact details.

Being a database of domain name administrators' public contact information Atomic Whois Database is almost like a "white pages". Information represented in our database is equal to the one on Whois database entered by the registrant upon registering domain names.

Atomic Whois Database features

  • Database contains the following information (if provided by the domain owner):
    • domain name
    • registration date
    • expiration date
    • registrant's name, address, email, fax and telephone numbers
    • administrator's name, email, fax and telephone numbers
    • tech support person's name, email, fax and telephone numbers
    • billing's name, email, fax and telephone numbers
  • Domains can be saved to .CSV, .XLS files or clipboard.
  • Database is divided into the following groups on the TLD name basis (details in the table below) and is categorized alphabetically within each group:
by top-level domain name
Number of domain names
File size
42 306 850
3.1 Gb
901 517
84 MB
6 499 280
0.8 GB
4 092 775
0.47 GB
1 997 196
0.21 GB
945 951
0.11 GB
1 256 090
45 MB
the whole database
15 692 809
1.7 GB

Note! Domain names are sometimes referred to as "web addresses" or " web sites", this is incorrect! When a registrant registers a domain name, he doesn't automatically have a website, nevertheless with Atomic Whois Database you will still have his ownership details.


Use Atomic Whois Database with other Atomic software

Atomic Mail Sender - broadcast your email message to domain name administrators.

Atomic List Manager - manage mailing lists of domain name administrators for building the fresh one of valid e-mails that does not contain unwanted addresses, naturally open, click-though, and ROI ratios increase quite a bit.

Other databases from AtomPark

  • Atomic Web Catalogue - a database of approximately 1.4 million websites containing 16 main categories like Business, Computers, Games, Health and suitable for gathering targeted email addresses of interest by email harvesters like Atomic Email Hunter.
  • Atomic Domain Catalogue - an alphabetically categorized database of more then 70 million domain names (without registrant contacts but with .com tld included) suitable for building targeted mailing lists if used together with Atomic Whois Extractor or Atomic List Manager (use 'Generate List' feature)

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