Atomic Verifier Online is a powerful e-mail validation service that verifies email addresses validity.

Verify e-mail addresses in your mailing list, it is quite simple:

  1. Register with the Atomic Verifier Online service*
  2. Login to your Atomic Verifier Online account
  3. Create a task and upload your e-mail list (.csv or. txt) or enter some e-mail addresses for validation
  4. Click 'Start verifying' to begin to e-mail validating

*Upon creating your account you get 10 free days of the service on trial (using a trial account you can't verify more than 100 e-mail addresses). If you like the service, you can extend it and pay for it right from your Verifier Online Control Panel or buy it right now.

You can also verify each e-mail address in the list separately if you wish.

All addresses are checked in multithreaded mode that speeds up the entire process. An average speed of email verifying is from 10 to 20 emails/sec or up to 1200 emails/minute.

Correct and incorrect e-mails can be saved in .TXT .CSV .XLS or .PDF.

Atomic Email Verifier is a perfect addition to other Atomic e-marketing tools. So, you can collect the e-mail addresses using our email extractors (e.g. Atomic Email Hunter), transfer emails to Verifier Online to remove obsolete email and then use our bulk emailer - Atomic Mail Sender to send out your information. Optionally, Atomic Subscription Manager can automatically manage the mailing list and track all subscription instructions.